Les Beatles, la Totale - 3 posters inclus
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5 Novembre 2014
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Les Beatles, la Totale - 3 posters inclus

Les 211 chansons expliquées

Le 6 juin 1962, les Beatles interprètent pour la première fois Love Me Do dans les studios d’Abbey Road. George Martin, responsable du label Parlophone, a organisé cette audition et prendra la décision de les signer quelques semaines plus tard. De ce morceau désormais mythique à leur dernier single anglais Let It Be paru en mars 1970, peu avant l’éclatement du groupe, les Beatles auront enregistré 13 albums originaux et composé près de 200 titres. Grâce à des témoignages de leurs proches et de leurs collaborateurs de l’époque, cet ouvrage apporte un éclairage aussi bien contextuel que technique sur le processus créatif des Fab Four. Techniques de studio, instruments, innovations musicales, tout est passé au crible pour apprécier l’extraordinaire démarche artistique de John, Paul, George et Ringo.

The Beatles - All the Songs

Every one of The Beatles' 211 songs with analysis and commentary by some of those who worked most closely to them.
Philippe Margotin is a novelist, consultant, editor at a big music company. He has written several books on cinema and music, in particular books on the history of the blues and rock and roll but also books about the Rolling Stones, the Who, the Police, Radiohead and Amy Winehouse.
Jean Michel Guesdon is a producer and musician. He created Editions du Pékinois in 1986 in Paris in order to initiate and produce audiovisual creations in music, documentary, cd-books or education. He has collaborated with Sony, EMI, Universal Music, Philips, Editions Albert René etc. He has also been Art Director at Editions Rym Musique (youth, classical and jazz music) and Collection Director at Editions Atlas, Fabbri and Cobra. Over the past thirty years he has been compiling an exceptional collection of information and documentation about The Beatles. His talents as a musician, composer and sound engineer allow him to have a realistic and precise approach to their work.
This is the only book published with all of the Beatles songs in one volume. It is an indispensable reference book, to be cherished by all the thousands of Beatles fans worldwide.
Forty years after their separation, the Beatles remain one of the most famous groups in the world. Our authors have brought together testimony from some of the people who worked and lived most closely to the Fab Four: sound engineers, producers, friends and family who tell how some of the best music of the twentieth century came to be. Every one of their over two hundred songs are analysed, from the writing to the recording as well as the choice of record covers, based on the latest research and information. The explanations are accompanied by anecdotes from the studios and concert tours.
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