Les Rolling Stones, La Totale - Edition mise à jour
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25 Octobre 2017
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220 x 277 mm
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Les Rolling Stones, La Totale - Edition mise à jour

Les 365 chansons expliquées

Il ne fallait pas moins de 752 pages pour décrypter, analyser et expliquer l’intégralité des chansons des Rolling Stones, qui ont puissamment marqué l’histoire de la musique.
Le 7 avril 1962, Brian Jones rencontre Mick Jagger et Keith Richards au Ealing Club de Londres. Un an plus tard, avec Ian Stewart, Bill Wyman et Charlie Watts, les Rolling Stones sont prêts à entrer dans la légende avec l’enregistrement de leur premier single…
De Come On (1963) à Blue & Lonesome (2016), les Rolling Stones ont produit 365 chansons, réunies sur des albums et singles mythiques, constituant une œuvre parmi les plus abondantes et innovantes de l’histoire de la musique. La genèse des morceaux, leur réalisation, les instruments utilisés, les lieux d’enregistrement, les musiciens, producteurs, ingénieurs du son ayant participé à l’aventure, les classements dans les hit-parades  : Les Rolling Stones, la totale est une plongée au cœur de la musique et du mythe Rolling Stones, grâce à mille et une anecdotes sur cette formidable saga, accompagnées d’une illustration riche et saisissante  !

The Rolling Stones - All the Songs

Philippe Margotin is a novelist, consultant, editor at a big music company. He has written several books on cinema and music, in particular books on the History of Blues and Rock'n Roll but also books about the Rolling Stones, the Who, the Police, Radiohead and Amy Winehouse.
Jean Michel Guesdon is a producer and musician. He created Editions du Pékinois in 1986 in Paris in order to initiate and produce audiovisual creations in music, documentary, cd-books or education. He has collaborated with Sony, EMI, Universal Music, Philips, Editions Albert René etc. He has also been Art Director at Editions Rym Musique (youth, classical and jazz music) and Collection Director at Editions Atlas, Fabbri and Cobra. His talents as a musician, composer and sound engineer allow him to have a realistic and precise approach to their work.

Following the International success of The Beatles and Bob Dylan - All the Songs, the authors Philippe Margotin and Jean-Michel Guesdon have now decided to tackle the Rolling Stones' entire discography: all of the songs recorded since their first single released in 1963, Come On / I Want To Be Loved, up to their two latest singles in 2012 Doom And Gloom and One More Shot - about 365 songs that made History, changed Music and transformed people's ways of thinking. True to the spirit of this collection, all of the Rolling Stones songs are analyzed from a double perspective: the genesis and history of the song on one part, and the technical aspects on another part. To this already rich content, the authors add plenty of anecdotes and fun information on the recordings and sometimes unexpected adaptations. The book also presents the most important collaborators of the group: the producers that worked on developing the Rolling Stone Sound, Mick Taylor and Ron Wood, who followed in Brian Jones' steps, as well as the Stones muses Marianne Faithfull and Anita Pallenberg.
The Rolling Stones -All the Songs is beautifully illustrated with over 400 iconic photos, rare and sometimes unseen, always striking and taken by the best photographers of the World Rock.

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